Child Favoritism= Bad

note: HC is Heathcliff I do, in fact, love Mrs. Dean. I asked for answers in regard to origin and lineage, and she has delivered. I think part of my earlier confusion really must have been due to the language barrier. The characters may be speaking English but the everyday lexicon of the 1800s is … Continue reading Child Favoritism= Bad

Subconscious Adventures

Now things are getting interesting! In chapter three, the book starts by introducing the audience to a new character named Catherine (Linton? Earnshaw? Heathcliff?), for the first time. From her writings I was able to gather (as I am sure anyone would) that her and Heathcliff had a special kind of relationship. This is not … Continue reading Subconscious Adventures

Getting to Know Each Other, Old Sport

  The first chapter of Wuthering Heights is largely introductory, establishing the time (1801) and place (Wuthering Heights, on the Pennine moors of England). Upon starting the book, I was more than a little confused by the choice of narrator. From what I had heard about the book, I was expecting something more to the tune … Continue reading Getting to Know Each Other, Old Sport