Note: HC is Heathcliff I know we’ve established that Wuthering Heights is really messed up, but Heathcliff keeps driving that point home. At this point in the novel, He locks Mrs. Dean (I’ve realized the “Mrs.” implies she’s married, but we all know she’s not; anyway, I don’t get it) and Cathy up in a … Continue reading R.I.P


Besides Cathy’s haughtiness, the other thing that bothers me about her is how infuriatingly ignorant she is. I know that she’s being manipulated by Heathcliff, but she doesn’t have to fall for it so willingly. Not to mention how she continually favors Linton despite his atrocious behavior towards everyone including her. Even Mrs. Dean, the … Continue reading “Love”

Getting to Know Each Other, Old Sport

  The first chapter of Wuthering Heights is largely introductory, establishing the time (1801) and place (Wuthering Heights, on the Pennine moors of England). Upon starting the book, I was more than a little confused by the choice of narrator. From what I had heard about the book, I was expecting something more to the tune … Continue reading Getting to Know Each Other, Old Sport